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About - Marvellous Movement

since 1959

Madeleine Edgar

Madeleine Edgar graduated as a Physiotherapist in Melbourne in 1959 and was introduced to the Feldenkrais Method® in 1983. As her posture was deteriorating and she had shoulder pain from a surfing injury, she was amazed to experience so much relief and improvement in her posture after her first Awareness through Movement® (ATM) lesson, that she decided to find out more immediately.

She bought some audiotapes of ATMs and did a couple of lessons each week, feeling that she was catching up on all that she had lost over the years. She also bought one of Moshe Feldenkrais’ books to understand how he developed the Method and the thinking behind it. All of this made such sense to her and seemed to answer the questions she had about recurring pain problems, and then she found a group in Brisbane that met monthly to do ATMs and continued her exploration. When she heard there was a Professional Training Program starting in 1990 she was the first student to sign up. She graduated in 1993 after studying on the floor for 2 months each year for 4 years, discovering more about herself and about the human nervous system and how we learn through the body.

She has used the FM almost exclusively since, organising classes and private lessons on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. She has spoken on the ABC and commercial radio stations and to many community organisations about the benefits of the Method. She has published her book, Marvellous Movement: ReMIND your Body using the Feldenkrais Method® daily. It’s a simple, easy to follow introductory workbook for clients to do at home.
More Marvellous Movement: Move well throughout your Life with the Feldenkrais Method®, a more advanced ebook on CD is available. Her attitude to ageing has totally changed. Her shoulder pain has almost disappeared and she moves better than she did when she was 20! She is now 80 and still plays on the floor daily and continues to promote the FM and her books.

Tom Edgar

Tom is also a retired practitioner. He & Madeleine studied child development closely by having 7 children! They now have 5 grandchildren & a great grandson. Madeleine & Tom are now 80 & 86 respectively & owe their ability to move well through life to the Feldenkrais Method.